Andi Tillmann

DP & A-Cam

Toni Tillmann


Nikolai Ritzkowsky

1st AC

Jürgen Christa


Kaspar Bröhns


Michi Tillmann, Richard Doyle

Agency & Production Company

Tillmann Brothers

Speed, focus, adrenaline. The world of riding. Feelings everyone is familiar to who ever ruthlessly floored it, who tries to find the limit of grip or who hits a mountain bike jump with full commitment.

The new BMX X1 is the choice for those who want to escape. For the urban explorers, the mountain lovers, the action seekers and bike freaks.
In an impressive match cut journey we follow BMW mountains ambassador Martin Söderström through the world of riding. A world ever rider can relate to because he as lived through it and lives for it.
Written and produced by the Tillmann Brothers in beautiful Norway we leave no doubts that X-Drive and mountain biking ultimately belong together and share the same mindset- sheer driving pleasure

What we did:

  • Target group analysis and conceptualisation
  • Scrip-writing, production and post-production of a 60s match-cut commercial for the new BMW X1 relating it to the BMW Mountains world
  • Special 4:5 version for social media
  • Still photography